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Foorumi esileht. Autor: Pille Aeg: Kõige parem on asja juures see, et mees on nõus! Nüüd ainult vaja minnna kuskile sauna, et asi ära teha. Niikui ma selle peale mõtlen, lähen märjaks Arvan, et see saab olema mõnus kogemus :P. Autor: km Aeg: Kirjuta mulle teeme asja ära .

Gaming Area

The visual system needs to determine the color of objects in the world. In this case the problem is to determine the gray shade of the checks on the floor. Exakt measuring the light coming from a surface the luminance is not enough: a cast shadow will dim a surface, so that a white surface in shadow may be reflecting trött light than a black surface in full light. The visual system uses several tricks to determine where the shadows are and how to compensate for them, in order to determine the shade of gray 'paint' that belongs to the surface. The first trick is based on local contrast. In shadow or not, a koll that is lighter than its neighboring checks is probably lighter than average, and vice versa. In the figure, the light check in shadow is surrounded by darker checks.


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